About US


The ideal 'Sweet in Lace' woman is elegant in her stride and effortless in her look. She exudes confidence and embraces all the unique qualities that make her the one-of-a-kind woman she is. We focus our messages on empowering women to be proud of who they are and reminding them that self-love is the key to their successes. 


All of our SWEET IN LACE garments are individually handpicked to satisfy your shopping pleasures. Our Collection is limited to 6-10 styles at a time making them unique and highly sought after. All made with premium quality materials. 


Each piece is selectively chosen to represent us with 3 words in mind: Charming - Feminine - One-of-a-kind. Delicate lace, dreamy floral prints, and other luxury materials such as silk and satin are what you will find when you shop with us at Sweet in Lace. We want you to feel effortless and confident as you begin each day and slip yourself into a style from our exclusive collection. 


You can style our pieces for the special look you want to achieve and the event you want to attend. What we love about these materials is that they are so versatile; easy to style and accessorize for every occasion. You can add layers to keep with the season, pair with minimal accessories for casual, dress it up for a night out, or refine it for business chic. We hope you love them as much as we do and that you feel effortless and confident when adding a piece to your wardrobe.


SWEET IN LACE founded in Honolulu, Hawaii.